How often should my cat eat in a few easy steps

Are you looking for the healthy way to keep your cat at an ideal weight and ensure perfect feeding times? The 'trick' is to maintain a fixed rhythm at a number of fixed moments and times.

In any case, do not freely feed your cat where it has continuous access to food. This is always unnecessary and bad considering this way of eating isn't in the cat's nature.

Our cats have maintained a perfect weight for years and are actively looking for food at the right times.

Step 1. Make a plan

Schedule three or four feeding times when you feed your cat. These moments should be spread over the day and it is important that you do not deviate from this. Cats are very sensitive to rhythm and like to eat several times a day.  

Four moments is easier if you use an automatic feeder. If you don't use a feeder, four feeding times (every 6 hours) are inconvenient because of your night's sleep. You could therefore choose to have three feeding moments (every 8 hours). However, we recommend setting four feeding times. At the bottom of the article we offer a schedule and cheat sheet in which you can easily make your schedule.

Step 2. Calculate the amount of feed

Depending on the number of moments you have just set, you will have to calculate the amount of food that is given per administration. Always follow the table on the food packaging for this.  

 Do you feed your cats dry and wet food? Then calculate according to the number of feeding moments and the tables on the dry and wet food. For example, if you give one of the four feeding moments wet food, we recommend this at a minimum, you should administer ¼ of the daily amount of a cat with the wet food. With the dry food you should administer ¾ of the recommended daily amount.

Closing words

Feeding without planning and measurements is unhealthy for your cat. In addition, it is unnatural to receive food in a free manner. Four feeding times a day are optimal. Don't want to have to set your alarm clock for that? View our feeders below. 

Playing before cats are fed is optimal to stimulate the cat's "hunting instinct" for a healthy cat. 


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