Your cat drinks little, but why?

I'll explain why cats don't drink much.

Jisvy Djelân
Researcher in health for cats. He creates his distinctive character with an informative and simple writing style.

Your cat drinks little and you are curious why that is: In this article you will find out exactly why cats drink so little.

We all know that water is crucial for humans. The same goes for cats, just like all other living things. Why, then do cats drink so little? And more importantly, how do we make them drink more?

The origin of the cat

Cats are native to the deserts of North Africa. Deserts do not have an abundance of accessible water, which means that the animals that live there receive their fluid intake mainly through their prey. The rodents that cats like to eat consist of about 60-80% moisture, as much as us humans.

Today's cat

You can imagine that when we give our cats dry food or a small can of wet food, this does not contain enough drinking water to ensure that our cats stay healthy. Cats still have that ancient instinct in them, so they drink relatively little in proportion to what they should drink.

Additional illnesses from drinking too little

When cats get little fluid, this results in a number of common problems and diseases in cats. The two most common diseases that arise from insufficient fluid intake are bladder stones and kidney problems. In addition, it is also important that cats continue to drink a lot to prevent constipation.

Ziektes bij katten door weinig drinken

The solution

Since the cat is originally a lazy drinker, it is our responsibility to ensure that we make this as attractive as possible. We can do this through nutrition, fresh and running water, drink stimulation and finally; by making it fun and interesting. Check out an article here with additional tips to help your cats drink more: "Get your cat to drink more with these 7 tips"

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